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Génial !!!

Super application bravo !

Great !

Efficace !


Very godd


This is a fantastic app. It does as advertised. I recommend.

Piece of s**

Piece of s**

Just perfect!

The app looks AMAZING after the update and results are even better! Get it now!

Pretty good

Does a great job for the price!... Definitely worth the money. For a 5 star from me I would like to be able to move the picture around without pressing the extra button, perhaps a 1 or 2 finger drag would be nice. Not a huge deal, just a suggestion. Keep up the great work!

Awesome at its best

I love this app does what its supposed to for 99c well worth it . Well done you get 5*stars from me

Great job

Perfect! Really cool application! I highly recomend it even if you want to give some funny touches to a picture! Once again, great job!


Easy and does what it says


What an awesome app! Really delivers what it promises.


its great for its price. i edited my pics with no problems


I thought it was a scam of somesort because it was so cheap but its an amazing app i can spend hours retouching photos. its amazing for removing zits or unwanted freckles and its pretty decent at removing people or objects that you dont want in the picture. easy to use and the instructions help aswell. for the price it is a great app if you take a lot of photos like me. :)

Wonderful app!!

I must admit, I was skeptical at first, but as I got a feel for it, this turned out to be a fantastic app!! Works exactly as described, and sometimes better! Definitely worth the .99 cents :]

Decent for small fixes but is no Photoshop

All this app does is clone things to replace what you are removing. You cannot remove stuff to see behind it, they have not invented X-ray technology like that yet. I removed a tree, then pressed back and had it process again and it looked totally different. Its a cloning tool and nothing more. Good to remove small items I suppose which saves it from a one star rating, but anything bigger than your fingertip isnt going to have good results.

Cool App

This app is a ton of fun to play with. You can remove your ex-wife from all your pictures ;D


Nice job. Fun app, fun to show off to old versions of Photoshop users.

Full Res makes this app very good!

I held off for awhile as I am anti-low res output, but with the recent update, I took the plunge. Two caveats: 1) it is basically an easy to use clone brush 2) if you make too big of a change, it will be more noticeable. With that in mind, if you go slow and focus on the small details, it works pretty well!


If you know how to handle desktop Photoshop, this app is very handy. Works beautifully!

Great retouch

I rarely have gone out of my way RO rate an app but this one deserves a great review. Well done and works really well.

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