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İnce calisirsaniz cok basarili sonuclar elde edebileceginiz iyi bir program.. İstemediginiz goruntuyu arka fonu kopyalayarak siliyor..

Çok Başarılı

Detayli sekilde calisirsaniz sasirtici guzellikte sonuclar aliyorsunuz. Fotolarinizdaki istenmeyen detaylari silebilirsiniz


Gayet başarılı nadir fotoğraf uygulamaların dan biri düşünmeden indirilecek cinsten

Çok başarılı

En iyi photoshop Uygulaması diyebilirim. Kesinlikle her iPhone da olması gereken programlardan. 5 yıldız bile az bence.

Çok başarılı

Çok hızlı ve güzel işleyen bi processingi var


Yorumlara ilk kez risk alıp kandım ve pişman oldum :@

Fazla iyi

Iphone un dokunma aksiyonunundan en dogru faydalana fotograf yazilimi. Bir cok yazilimin yapmayi vaadedip yakinindan gecemedigi seyleri yapiyor.

So easy and useful

Removes blemishes and unwanted artifacts with a swipe.

This app is trash

This app is terrible, don’t buy it.


The results I’m getting from Retouch are absolutely amazing! Gone are electrical lines, rooftop antennas, and a host of other unwanted objects. Everyone should use this app; it’s miraculous!


Photography is a huge part of my online store. When I take a picture of a product that I’m selling on a whim, in most cases, I’ll love the pic, but the background kills it. I’ve tried numerous photo editing...apps, and not one comes close to this one. To the creator of this amazing app, THANK YOU! You’re saving me precious time editing photos, and more time for other aspects of my store. So, thanks again, and can’t wait to stumble upon your next app:)

O melhor

Melhor Aplicativo para retirar manchas, objetos, pessoas. Simplesmente o melhor.

not worth it.

there are so many great reviews to this app, that they actually had me convinced this was like an amazinggg app that it really “gets rid of objects.” .. I tried numerous pictures and different editing tools, and still everytime, my photos came out horrible. it is not worth the 1.99 and i’m actually really upset I fell for it.

Love this app!!!!

This app helps fix A LOT of things!!!! I’m glad I found it! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Doesn’t do what I thought it would do

I was hoping this app could take out unwanted objects/people. It does but not with out serious pixelation. If two colors are too close together ie: someone is wearing a white shirt and the object you want is white it meshes into a huge pixel.

Total garbage

I get that there’s no way to make something totally disappear in a photo, unless you are able to blend the same shot without the object, over the photo with the object... or a VERY simple scene with lots of shallow subjects and similar color throughout. But I’m rating this ONE star because of misinformation in the app listing, that portrays this as possible under normal circumstances. Beware, and don’t buy the impossible...

Best app!

Hands down the BEST photo app I have! Well worth the price and I would have paid triple! Thanks for an amazing app that has saved so many of my photos!

Very good

Well the reason why i am giving it four stars is that whenever i try to remove the object it doesn’t actually remove it. the remover still leaves the object there and it just mess up the whole picture so i hope you can fix it for sure as soon as possible. thank you.

Very easy

Very quick and easy for a novice editor.

Excellent for lines and object removal

I am a professional photographer who is a heavy Photoshop user. I have acquired dozens of iPhone apps to try to retouch on my phone and have it look good. I bough the Handy app from this company and although I like it, the reason I got this app too is specifically for the line removal tool. It is great for annoying things like power lines and the remove object option can remove power poles and other things very well.

Best App Ever!😋👍

Finally an app that removes objects like power lines and cars without ruining the picture. 🙏Thank You. Now 5,000 more photos to review.


This works unlike most apps I’ve tried.

Super Handy

Does exactly what I need it to do. I would like to request additions for more intuitive types of object removal, and request to add blending brush so it’s a one-stop-shop.


Easy to do and fun.

What happened

It was awesome until it stopped working, every time I’m about to edit a picture it exits the app??

Not Worth It !

This app is really disappointing . I have Free phot editing apps on my phone that are more advance, I seriously want my 1.99 back !



Best in Class

No other iOS born healing app performs as well as Retouch. The app is simple, yet elegant and it performs as advertised. I rarely open the actual app because it is accessible from iOS photo editor.

Awful quality

Not really sure how this app has such good ratings. It can't even get rid of a simple object without pulling in parts of the photo outside of the area chosen. Total waste of money and energy for an app that doesn't work. Plenty of other good free apps for object removal.

Fabulous Absolutely Fabulous

I forget if I paid for this app. I probably did. If so, it's worth every single penny. It removes objects from my photos like no other app can. It's unbelievable! It clones. It removes wires! It's just really awesome! It's way better than Photoshop! And so much easier to use. My number one favorite app!!! Get it!!! You won't regret it. Kerry

Great app for removing things

Love that you can save over the original image, less clutter. Only suggestion would be for there to be a way not to destroy the depth map of the image when saving back over the original? Otherwise having a good ol Time removing blemishes and odd objects from photos. Thanks!

Awesome app

Simple interface, easy e intuitive to use even if you don’t have any knowledge how the tools work. I love it! Absolutely worth the price!



It’s scary how well it works

This is an absolute must-have if you do any photographic work on your phone. I even enjoy this app better than photoshop

Waste of Money

Waste of money. Doesn’t do what it promises. Instead of removing unwanted objects it just blurs them. Whatever photo editing software you already have will do the same. You’re better off with SnapSeed.

Good But Bad

Worked amazing but it glitched and now it wouldn't let me select a picture,besides that it's the best out there.Does anyone have a fix?

Go to retouching app

This is the best tool I have for retouching on my iphone6. It’s fast, and works! I really like the undo function.

Just the best.

This app never leaves my phone. Thank you for the iphoneX extension fix! Just have another small issue on the iPhoneX photo extension when I try to zoom in the image to edit, it always re-centers the image to the middle making it impossible to edit on the edges. Thanks for this amazing app!

Tech support

Cannot submit problem with the app. When I put in the code to prove I am not a robot.....keeps giving me the error that I’m not putting the code in correctly.....I have done it about six times and always correctly. The problem I’m having recently is that when I search for a pic, the app either freezes or gives me a white screen. I have the latest IOS update and an iPhone 6s Plus

Best In Class

TouchRetouch only does a few things. It removes objects, clones, and repairs. The thing is, it does them really, really well. I would be lost without this app, which has repaired/ fixed MANY damaged old photos, some which I never would have thought were repairable. If you deal with scanned photos, it’s absolutely essential!


Am 5 STARS! Seriously, If there were ever a voodoo, black-magic app, this is the one. Utterly effortless to use with nothing short of magical results. This is a GREAT app that you’ve wished you would have had years ago!


Awesome for cloning! Photoshop quality on your phone at the touch of a finger

Indispensable Tool!

Since being introduced to Retouch through Emil Pakarlis’ iPhone Photo Academy I can’t see how I lived without it. It removes unwanted things and adds desired things. Absolutely amazing and I can do it on the smallest iPhone there is!

good program

It really is an interesting and extraordinary program and it is very useful to me. Only some places work a bit. In general, thanks to the manufacturer.

My favorite app!

This app is simply magical! I used it so much and always makes me look like a pro when editing my photos! Thx for such an amazing app!

Fun, easy and effective

This app is a wonderful way to get unwanted objects out of a photo! Excellent tutorials included.

Freaking love this

Love it... wish it had like burn and dodge but I'll take it

Does this app remove glare?

The brush tool does not work well when trying to remove glare because it considers it an object. Please help.

Wow... just wow

Code quality, interface quality, tutorial quality. This app has it all.

Best object removal software PERIOD.

I'm a graphic designer by trade and a hobbyist photographer in my spare time, and I've used a number of object removal apps for both iOS and desktop (Mac), as both standalone apps and PS/LR/Aperture plugins. None of them can hold a candle to the consistent accuracy of TouchRetouch. It's blazing fast, rugged, and reproducible. Can't ask for much more than that! Thanks, Devs! 😍

Fantastic app.

But as of Sep 8 my app started crashing

Magical Results

I've gotten some amazing results with this app. Excellent when the background is fairly uniform. I've easily vaporized people sitting on the beach and on grass at a park. It also did an amazing job removing bridge cable that obscured one of my shots. Fun and easy to use!


I was able to make a picture of my daughter dressed up in a superhero costume. To look like she was actually a superhero. She loved it and so did my whole family. Great app!!!!

Don't buy it

Extremely unsatisfied and upset with this. Bought the app a few days ago, now the app crashes when you go to pick a photo. Would like my money back!!

Major disappointment

I bought this app as friends love it. Me, not as much. I bought & downloaded to my iPhone 5s and now I have to buy the program again to download to my iPad ???? And again 5x's as much for my MAC!


What a great app, so easy to use. Took a few try's to get hang of it but now it's so easy and works perfectly for removing an unwanted object in a photo.

So bad

Really bad editing don't waste your money

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