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İnce calisirsaniz cok basarili sonuclar elde edebileceginiz iyi bir program.. İstemediginiz goruntuyu arka fonu kopyalayarak siliyor..

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Detayli sekilde calisirsaniz sasirtici guzellikte sonuclar aliyorsunuz. Fotolarinizdaki istenmeyen detaylari silebilirsiniz


Gayet başarılı nadir fotoğraf uygulamaların dan biri düşünmeden indirilecek cinsten

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En iyi photoshop Uygulaması diyebilirim. Kesinlikle her iPhone da olması gereken programlardan. 5 yıldız bile az bence.

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Çok hızlı ve güzel işleyen bi processingi var


Yorumlara ilk kez risk alıp kandım ve pişman oldum :@

Fazla iyi

Iphone un dokunma aksiyonunundan en dogru faydalana fotograf yazilimi. Bir cok yazilimin yapmayi vaadedip yakinindan gecemedigi seyleri yapiyor.


It really works. My cat was on a hardwood floor with her paw reflecting off the shiny surface. It removes the object on the floor and kept the reflection. Worth more money really 😀😺 thanks guys

Is it supposed to be so difficult?

After reading such glowing reviews I thought this would be a fabulous app for quickly removing random junk from my pictures. I suppose it is...if you have a very very very steady hand and a lot of patience. Oh, and if you don’t mind having a photo that looks like a puppy went wild with a cloning tool. I get better results using clone on any free app or program. I tried ten different pictures ranging from complicated objects to super simple lines, and they all looked awful. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but this app just doesn’t work for me. If you are looking for a quick and easy fix, save your $2. Sorry.


The only app that actually does exactly what it says.

Bought solely for removal feature... doesn’t work

Unfortunately the removal feature doesn’t work well. Tried to remove a fan... of left the photo all chopped up and horrible.


This is absolutely the best app for editing and modifying pictures. I have a lot of photo apps and this one crushes all of them!

I love this app

I use this app to remove the filter stickers on Snapchat and also hide people from my photos

Don’t like it and would like a refund

App isn’t smart enough for the price

Background is not the same!!

I am trying to remove a human from my photo and I have tried to use the “lasso” and “brush” and it leaves a big blurred out spot with a line through it. It is very noticeable that something was removed and it is obvious that isn’t the background. If someone can please help me, or if I can email you the photo and you guys erase the object for me, I will gladly change my review!

So easy

Just great Erase any thing or anybody With no damage to picture! Love this app

Awesome app! 1 major flaw!

Love the app. It’s amazing. I’m using it to restore my moms old damaged family photos. I’d actually give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for one big problem i’m having with it. Sometimes it doesn’t let u zoom and also view the very edges of a photo to edit it. It’ll let u zoom and get close but get to the very edge. That leaves a small area around the edges of the photo that u can’t edit while zoomed. Makes it very hard to remove cracks and tiny specks near the edges of an a old photo cuz u have to do it when ur zoomed all the way out. This problem is intermittent. Sometimes it does this problem and sometimes it works perfectly. If they could fix this bug this app would b perfect.


After reading a lot of unrealistically positive reviews I assumed were fake, I decided to buy the app to see if it does what everyone says it does. I took a couple photos, one of my house which has wires everywhere, and I used the line tool and it got rid of it seamlessly, and I couldn't find where the line originally was when I zoomed in, it's that good. Just for fun I took a picture of my light switch to see if it could get rid of the screws, and it did so amazingly. I tossed a few things into my backyard and took a picture and removed them with the tool, it filled in details perfectly, even with big objects like a chair. I've only been using this app for fifteen minutes and I'm already amazed by what it can do. I say it is definitely worth buying. If you don't believe this review then get it yourself and try it out. You won't be disappointed.

FINALLY!! We put a man on the moon.....

Bottom line, my fave photo editing app. I have 50 million photo apps free, paid, borrowed! Jk, anyways with all that said? I’m smitten! I’ve been using it for a few months now & I don’t know how I ever got along without it!! Get it, take some pics. Play around with it. Stretch it to the limits... You’ll be happy, AND be able to edit out the stuff you’ve needed to edit from the beginning of your digital photo taking life!!

Just wow

One of the most useful apps I’ve downloaded since 2010!

Incredible and simple, BUT

....there is no universal app. The iPad app is a separate charge. Bogus! Although I am annoyed that the iPad version is an addition charge on top of this version, this app is simple and easy to use. All iPhone photographers should be armed with this!

Better then Photoshop!

I’ve tried photoshop, and this was better for me as a beginner and has a MUCH better cost! 110% worth the cost.

Typically insufficient

Even the best photo retouching apps are mediocre at best. This is no different. If you have a clean scenario with lots of sample area it works fine. But that is rarely the case in most real photos. With even a slight bit of ambiguity this app results in unusable results. Save your money. Plenty of other, just as good, apps in the store for less or free.

Back and Better Than Ever

The 5-Star App I once knew is back and better than it's ever been! This App is like having a magic wand on-hand as you edit ... to those reviewers stating their photos were ruined by this application, I only wish to say; the application is a tool. And in the hands of one who knows how to use the tool properly great things can be accomplished. Then there are those who do not take the time to learn and practice so they might use the tool properly. I guess what I'm trying to say is you made your bed now lie in it. Do not curse the tool, curse the one who wields it as a fool. To the developer, thank you for the update - perhaps in the future avoiding a lengthy gap in between updates would please your customers a bit more. Highest Recommendation!!

Does what you want. Fantastic interface.

A former software developer. I download more photo apps than you can imagine. This app is clean and specific. It loads your photos instantly. It does what you want instantly. They constant improve it/making it my go to editing app. These developers understand how uses interact with software. Want to get rid of telephone wires in your photo? No problem. Person standing behind the person you photographed? If I could I partner with these guys.

Absolutely amazing app!

I am a photographer and do a lot of my own editing to take out unwanted objects. This app cuts my work in half and does an incredible job. Kudos ... a must have!!

Confirm "cancel"- please!

Absolutely crucial app! 5/27/18 Opening Retouch separately gives a different and better experience so I've switched even though it's less convenient. I can't accidentally cancel and I have a choice to save as a copy or entirely new. Of course I want it fixed to be unable to accidentally lose my work if I'm using it within the native editor. ___________________________________________________ 3/29/18 I've been using this for years and it gets easier, better and faster for me. An early reviewer complained about a migrating couch in a photo she was trying to edit; that's just part of the learning curve. Another worried about fiddling with her photos because she's clumsy… for both, duplicating before editing could be reassuring. Don't start with hard stuff; remove isolated items or clone over them. Practice on copies. Zoom in and keep checking how it looked before you took the obstruction away and don't forget about the step back and forward arrows. What's really missing is a "confirm cancel" within the native photo editor. I (seriously) have developed significant pain in my left hand when I'm using this a lot because I need to avoid the "cancel". I save often, duplicate and return to editing the new file but there's NO REASON for not needing to confirm. I'm tempted to give a low rating to get the devs attention because I'm serious about the physical pain and damage to my hand. ___________________________________________________

Always Use and Love but Question

I love this app, but, why did you change the clone tool, so you can’t lock it? Please put the lock back. Thank you.


I just got the app, and decided to purchase based largely on the reviews. And it is totally worth the cost! Object removal is just as good as using Photoshop. It’s easy to enlarge the area to work on, which produces a much better result. There may be some objects it will have difficulty removing, but that’s not any different when working with Photoshop. I am extremely happy with your app. It’s awesome!!

Good job!!!!!

I don’t usually write remarks, but I had to, I’ve been using this app for only 2 days, and I’m very satisfied with the results so far, I consider you guys deserve my 5 stars, keep up the good job 👍🏼

One of the Greatest iPad Apps Ever Made!

I too have been using this app almost from it's inception and didn’t realize I'd never written a review. Or, more likely did, but it was removed with updates at some point. But I am both thrilled and amazed that the developers have continued improving and updating this app thru the years. Most great apps fall into disrepair and are abandoned overtime. But quite the opposite has occurred here. Retouch was amazing back when iPads were brand new...and it’s still amazing now. The features and functionality have improved light years in that time, making it one of a shortlist of apps I couldn’t function well without. For those people who think’s purely because there is a bit of a learning curve. There's also a bit of artistry involved in using it. But with a little patience and me...this app can repair almost anything you throw at it. Someone needs to make a YouTube video demonstrating how zooming in and out, as well as changing the pen size makes such a difference when using the automatic object removal tool. Yes the app fills in with surrounding content...but it gives you fine tuned granularity to manipulate how well this is accomplished. Sometimes zooming out and attempting to repair the whole 'defect' in one fell swope works best. If it doesn’t, sometimes zooming way in and removing small parts of a defect consecutively works better. More user experience gives you that knowledge and skill. I should add reviewer mentioned being frustrated trying to remove glare...and I’ve found that this is one of the more difficult defects to fix too. But it can be done with patience and skill Despite that...sometimes a repair or object removal just isn’t possible using the automatic tool and you need to use the clone tool instead. This tool adds 'hardness' and 'opacity' control to the others, which truly does allow you to fix or remove just about anything! One reviewer mentioned being frustrated with bleeding at the edges...that's what the hardness setting is for. By moving hardness up, the 'edge bleeding' property is reduced or eliminated. A case in point. Years ago I used this app to remove objects like those shown in the video tutorials...a tree...a person...big things. But it’s gotten so good I now use it consistently to fix people's faces! Even faces in photographs which have been seriously degraded overtime. It really is limitless...constrained only by user skill. One thing I just discovered shocks me...I never even noticed the Blemish Removal Tool!!! I’m not sure when it was added, but I've always used the Clone stamp for this with great results. I write about mobile technology for 2 websites, therefore I run across a lot of apps. I've never seen another app that comes close to this one's feature set, nor one that implements those features quite so well. I did encounter one pretty serious problem today. I'm not sure how widespread it is...but it occurred for about the 3rd time today on a newly restored iPad 5. The problem is that after I'm done editing an image...Retouch is unable to save it to the camera roll. A busy circle spins...but never stops spinning. Ultimately the only alternative is to use multi-tasking to shut the Photo's app down...which loses all of your edits. I suspect Retouch uses significant amounts of memory, because I have a lot of iPads, and it seems to occur on the lower end models rather than the Pro line. It occurred twice today on an iPad 5 and once yesterday. I don’t believe it’s ever occurred on one of the 10.5” Pros...and I'm uncertain regarding the 9.7” Pro or iPad Air 2. Another thing I just discovered reading through all of the app information within it is that there apparently is a 'latest edits' menu item which may solve my problem entirely! I'll check it out. But that leads me to mention the fact that there's a lot of helpful information about how to use Retouch right inside the app. In checking out the latest edits I discovered that this works well if you're using the app in 'full mode' as opposed to using it in 'partial mode' whilst within the camera roll. My problem occurred while editing from the camera no 'latest edits' menu item is available there. My solution was to edit the same photo within the full app. I did not experience a repeat of the problem there and love the Latest Edits feature too! I was going to remove a Star just to get the developer to see my review...but found that I can also report problems I'm experiencing from within the Apps settings instead. So I'm giving this app a well deserved 5 stars despite this problem, because I'm certain the problem will be fixed shortly.

Fun and easy!

Love this app! Easy to use and so much fun. I use it every day!

Super powerful app

When you want to remove object, lines even segments in a picture, this is the app you’ll need. You wont go wrong,,, trust me!

Easy to learn and easy to use

I am used to edit with Photoshop, but when I accepted an invitation to hold a workshop on photo editing with smartphones I dived into that world. I found several great apps, but Touchretouch is the simplest and most intuitive by far. I recommend this app.

Best app I’ve ever purchased

This app works miracles!


I don’t write too many reviews. But I have to for this app. Frankly, it’s amazing. Very simple to use and does a great job. I’m really impressed.

Sad waste

I was looking for an app to get rid of a glare and the reviews for this app were glowing. I think everyone can relate to having a picture you love but something is ruining it so you have to scrap it. I was so excited to use this for my pictures. Sadly, this app is just like every other photo editing app, except this one will cost you! It replaces the objects with things nearby and it just looks weird. Save your money, don’t buy this app. I would be less upset if I didn’t waste $1.99.

Works almost too well!

This app is incredible. Super intelligent. Does exactly as promised. Works so well its addictive. Nice job!

Works like a magic

I really enjooy this app for deleting thing and it works so professional 5 star for that for sure👏

Well worth 1.99

Great app, quick easy and makes pictures look great .... well worth the small money for this one. Great job by programmers!!

Shadow images

I cannot seem to control the “spreading” of adjacent images into the space I just removed. It is distorted snd hard to remove.

Like this apps

This apps is a little diamond delight

False advertising

I’m blown away by all the flawless reviews. I kept trying to remove objects from my photos and it simply borrows image parts from outside of my selection and puts them in place of the object I’m trying to remove. You’re charging people money for that? It ruins my photos. Please don’t reply to my review with a “Sorry to hear this, please contact our team for support” because there is no support they can offer to ensure the app does what it promises. I’d like my money back, honestly. Deleting this app.

So easy and useful

Removes blemishes and unwanted artifacts with a swipe.

This app is trash

This app is terrible, don’t buy it.


The results I’m getting from Retouch are absolutely amazing! Gone are electrical lines, rooftop antennas, and a host of other unwanted objects. Everyone should use this app; it’s miraculous!


Photography is a huge part of my online store. When I take a picture of a product that I’m selling on a whim, in most cases, I’ll love the pic, but the background kills it. I’ve tried numerous photo editing...apps, and not one comes close to this one. To the creator of this amazing app, THANK YOU! You’re saving me precious time editing photos, and more time for other aspects of my store. So, thanks again, and can’t wait to stumble upon your next app:)

O melhor

Melhor Aplicativo para retirar manchas, objetos, pessoas. Simplesmente o melhor.

not worth it.

there are so many great reviews to this app, that they actually had me convinced this was like an amazinggg app that it really “gets rid of objects.” .. I tried numerous pictures and different editing tools, and still everytime, my photos came out horrible. it is not worth the 1.99 and i’m actually really upset I fell for it.

Love this app!!!!

This app helps fix A LOT of things!!!! I’m glad I found it! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Doesn’t do what I thought it would do

I was hoping this app could take out unwanted objects/people. It does but not with out serious pixelation. If two colors are too close together ie: someone is wearing a white shirt and the object you want is white it meshes into a huge pixel.

Total garbage

I get that there’s no way to make something totally disappear in a photo, unless you are able to blend the same shot without the object, over the photo with the object... or a VERY simple scene with lots of shallow subjects and similar color throughout. But I’m rating this ONE star because of misinformation in the app listing, that portrays this as possible under normal circumstances. Beware, and don’t buy the impossible...

Best app!

Hands down the BEST photo app I have! Well worth the price and I would have paid triple! Thanks for an amazing app that has saved so many of my photos!

Very good

Well the reason why i am giving it four stars is that whenever i try to remove the object it doesn’t actually remove it. the remover still leaves the object there and it just mess up the whole picture so i hope you can fix it for sure as soon as possible. thank you.

Very easy

Very quick and easy for a novice editor.

Excellent for lines and object removal

I am a professional photographer who is a heavy Photoshop user. I have acquired dozens of iPhone apps to try to retouch on my phone and have it look good. I bough the Handy app from this company and although I like it, the reason I got this app too is specifically for the line removal tool. It is great for annoying things like power lines and the remove object option can remove power poles and other things very well.

Best App Ever!😋👍

Finally an app that removes objects like power lines and cars without ruining the picture. 🙏Thank You. Now 5,000 more photos to review.

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